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       A common complaint from a pet owner is the smell of their pet’s breath. Many owners seem to believe that there is not much they can do to help or prevent this from happening. Bad breath is a sign of an unhealthy mouth, and there seems to be this myth out there that an animal’s teeth and gums will, over time, just deteriorate and there is not much to be done. Wrong! There are many options to correct or prevent unhealthy teeth and gums.


       According to The American Veterinary De photo shutterstock-dog-teeth-check-1000_zps7b0335d8.jpgntal Society, 80% of dogs, and 70% of cats have signs of periodontal (gum) disease by age three, and unfortunately only about 10% of pet owners do dental care for their pets. The health of an animal’s mouth is very similar to that of a human’s. If it goes uncared for it can lead to bad breath, which is a sign of gum disease, and poor gums and teeth lead to infections or disease and it can be very painful to your pet. We get many complaints from customers that they just received an outrageous quote from the veterinarian for a dental cleaning, or their dog just
experienced one.
       In my opinion, so little is done because animal lovers are not educated on what options they have, and how easy it really can be. Obviously, the best thing you can do for your pet is to brush their teeth, but since so many owners think this is their only option, it never gets done. Unbeknown to them, there are products out there such as a gel the animals lick, a simple water additive, or treats that most dogs love to chew on! These products help maintain a healthy mouth which keeps everyone happy, and lets face it, a  better smelling breath is a great added bonus! Along with this, too many customers wait until their pet has dental problems to try to fix it. Dental products should be used before there is an issue because trying to play catch up is much harder than taking the  photo shutterstock_130688912-orange-cat-close-up-face-1000_zpsa61e3c87.jpgpreventative route. I personally use the water additive for all three of my dogs and I could not be happier with the results! If you are interested in trying any dental products please stop by our store or call us with questions. Below are some links if you want to read more about pet dental products and periodontal disease.
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