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Rescue Pets

At Keystone Pet Place we have a huge passion for animals and their owners. So when a veterinarian asked for help with their constant overflow of rescue cats we decided to help out. There is a terrible over population of cats and so many in need of a forever home. Starting the cat rescue in 2013 paved the way for our dog rescue in 2016. Thus began our non-profit, Keystone Pet Rescue 501(c)(3). Our rescue fits perfectly with our store's passion, providing quality service and care to animals and their humans.

"Giving hope to animals, and love to families, one adoption at a time." - Keystone Pet Rescue

Below is the current list of rescue animals we have available for adoption at our Mount Joy location. The description given is only brief, so please call the Mount Joy store, email or stop in with further questions.



Name: Gus

Breed: Cavalier/ Poodle Mix

Age: 5 Months

Sex: Male 

Gus is a very sweet and active puppy. He is doing well with crate training and walking on the leash. He will need someone home often who will continue to train him. He will need regular grooming to keep his coat looking nice with no matting. Having another active dog in the house could also help with all his puppy energy.




Name: Benjamin

Breed: Border Collie/ Poodle Mix

Age: 5 Months Old

Sex: Male

Benjamin is a very active and loving puppy. Since he is part working dog, he will need an active family to help him run off that energy. He is doing great with potty training and walking on the leash. He can be nervous around loud noises and unknown places so he will need someone home and patient.




Name: Storm

Age: 6 months

Sex: Male

Storm was very shy and scared at first. After being at Keystone for a little while he has grown to love pets and will talk your ear off. The perfect home for storm would be someone who understands it will take time for him to trust and be comfortable.



A special thank you to our cat rescue sponsors! We appreciate you and the fabulous products you provide for our kitties! 

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